I’ve been trying to rid myself of my leased 2006 Honda Civic for a few months now. SAHM-hood makes for a tighter budget, and besides, we live in the city now. Can’t we survive with just one car?

So today, as I walked up to the house, my neighbor’s boy glanced at my car and said, “I’m getting a car just like yours tomorrow!”

And I said, “Want mine?”

As it transpires, the dealership is asking the same amount for a 2004 Civic as it would take to buy out the lease on my 2006.  Hm.

He said he’d call his bank to see if he could get the car loan changed. I hope so! My budget would be thrilled if I could find another $300 a month.


2 Responses to “kismet”

  1. Dad Says:

    what does kismet mean?

  2. fractone Says:

    Kismet means fate.

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