“support our troops?”

I wish someone would explain what it means to “support the troops.”

I am against this war, and I am against war in general. I also hail from a military family (which makes for some fun conversations ’round the dinner table, let me tell you).

But I’ve got to say, I don’t see how one can “support the troops” and be against the war. To my thinking, you can either “support that fellow human being” and be against war, or “support the military system” and be for the war.  

Transforming a human being into a “troop” is, to my mind, the opposite of supporting him. Think about it. You take a human being, train him to kill, and send him into a war zone to kill or die.

And then, when that human being comes back maimed and emotionally scarred, we think it’s good and generous of us to provide health care and a pension as a way to “support” him. To that, I say, whoopee.

Better by far to prevent a human being from becoming a troop in the first place.


3 Responses to ““support our troops?””

  1. Dad Says:

    You do not have to support a war to support the troops. For me, supporting the troops means expressing your appreciation for their service. You do not have to thank them for fighting a war you disagree with. But just treat them with respect. AND pray for their safety. Pray for the safety of ALL involved.

  2. Dixie Says:

    The only way to prevent someone from becoming a troop is to take away their free will. (As the current U.S. military is set up.) Better still to thank them for their service so that we continue to be a privileged nation of free will and freedom. If peace is what you want, the only thing that will bring it is Christ’s return. Pray for that.

  3. fractone Says:

    When I say “prevent a human being from becoming a troop,” I mean show that person their alternatives. If I see someone choosing the military as a path to a college education, I think I should give her information about scholarships and Pell grants and all kinds of other ways to get a degree. If I see someone choosing the military to learn how to fly, I think I should take her to the local airport and introduce her to a flight instructor.

    There seem to be WAY too many people in the military because they felt it was the only path to their goal, and I think that’s wrong.

    To answer your other point…if we have free will, why is Christ’s return the only way to have peace? (I assume you mean Christ’s physical return.)

    We have free will. Can’t we choose to live peacefully, as Jesus did? I am not so naive to expect that all humanity will spontaneously and simultaneously choose peace. But that doesn’t mean I can’t. And it doesn’t mean I can’t encourage other people to do so.

    From my perspective, we would have less wars if we had less soldiers. So the more folks I can convince NOT to join up, the better.

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