My front yard

This post is going to be a first, because a) I’m going to TRY to put pictures in it and b) it may recur.

I live in an adorable urban duplex. It has hardwood floors, 3 bedrooms, a random kitchen closet/pantry, an enviable purple door, etcetera. I love much about it.

One aspect I don’t love, however, is the yard. I’ll set aside the back and side yards for the moment, since they each deserve a post of their own. My front yard faces west and is dominated by a large deciduous tree. The yard measures roughly 15′ by 15′ and is invariably shady. Grass does not grow in it. Instead, the Tree and dozens–if not hundreds–of its offspring, which cluster around their momma like shy and skinny children. A small patio juts out from my home, just north of the front door. (Alas, we cannot enjoy it even in beautiful weather, because our neighbors insist on smoking their cigarettes and stinking up our air. Ptui.) On the northwest corner of the patio are a few straggly shrubs.

I hope I have painted a vivid image for you, because any photo taken now would just show…white. Snow. It’s 6 degrees here right now. If I can find one, I’ll post a picture later.

But onward. After suffering through one summer of front yard ugliness, I decided that I would not do it again. So here’s the plan:

  1. I will mercilessly hack down the tree children. The lease says I’m supposed to anyway, so why not?
  2. I will purchase and grow shade-loving plants, in particular ground cover and vivid flowers.
  3. I will buy a gas-mask to wear while I enjoy my yard.

I’ve done a little research already, and these are my current favorites for shade-growth:

Coleus Coleus Lily of the valley Lily of the valley

Foxglove Foxglove  Sweet violet Sweet violet

Bleeding hearts Bleeding hearts

Toad lily And my favorite, the toad lily.


One Response to “My front yard”

  1. Dixie Says:

    What about putting a little fan out front to blow a steady breeze of 2nd hand smoke in the opposite direction of you?

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