Okay, so I lied about the corn

Sorry. I will write about the mystery and miracle of maize…later. This just came up:

In Canada, Algonquin Indians are protesting the Ontario Mining Act, which seems to allow mining companies to prospect on tribal land without tribal consent. Two Algonquin chiefs were just convicted of “violating an injunction brought by Frontenac Ventures, a uranium mining exploration company, to prevent anyone from being on 30,000 acres of ‘crown’ land in Eastern Ontario that the mining company has ‘staked.’ This land is part of a long-standing Algonquin land claim with the Canadian government.

“Judge Douglas Cunningham struck from the record the Algonquins’ defence: that the Ontario government has not lived up to its responsibilities to ‘consult, accommodate and ask for consent’ from the Ardoch Algonquins. The judge has further stipulated that they may not use this defence again, thus silencing the Ardoch Algonquins with another colonial decision.”

[The emphases are my own. All quotes are from a CPTnet e-mail written by Murray Lumley.]

My first question is: who granted an injunction to Frontenac Ventures to “protect” land that the company does not own? Land, further, that BELONGS to the people convicted of being on it. Could Frontenac Ventures bring such an injunction on my house, to prevent me from entering it? Where does this end?

Second: how is it that a judge can strike a person’s defense from the record? Isn’t that a violation of free speech? What gives this man the right to stipulate what defenses are allowable? Judge Cunningham seems unable to view this case impartially.

Third: what can we do about this? Any ideas?

Fourth: why don’t incidents like this ever hit the mainstream media? Excuse me, the American mainstream media. I won’t speak for non-US journalists, because I don’t much peruse international media. But, really, when even NPR is running feature-length stories comparing the voices of presidential candidates as serious journalism, where is the coverage of real news?


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One Response to “Okay, so I lied about the corn”

  1. Dixie Says:

    Do Canadians have the right to free speech?
    I think that the tribe has to find out its true rights to the land. What is the definition of “land claim”? Do they own it? Sounds pretty fishy. And I really don’t get why these people were prosecuted.
    Our courts may be overused and abused but our basic rights usually stand up in court. Other parts of the world (even just north of us) don’t have the same rights that we do or the same system of government. (Obviously with the reference to “crown land.”) We are blessed to call the USA home.
    And, yeah, the US media is just getting ridiculous. They’ve all become the Enquirer.

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