La Vida Local

Tonight, as we sat down to supper, Michael said, “I think this meal is entirely local!” I looked down and realized he was right. We’d managed to fix a ~90% local meal without even thinking about it.

The Omaha Farmer’s Market opened yesterday, finally. I was overjoyed! We bought seven big bundles of asparagus, ten fat stalks of rhubarb and a handful of green garlic. I had hoped for salad greens, but I can now get Iowa greens at our local grocery.

Tonight’s supper featured the loverly asparagus, roasted with salt and pepper. We also had Berkshire pork chops (purchased through the Nebraska Food Coop this month), wilted dandelion greens (from our backyard) and applesauce (homemade and canned last fall from apples grown at the Fort Calhoun orchard). Mm.

Okay, so the garlic and bacon weren’t local (as far as I know). Neither was the wine, nor the safflower oil, nor the red wine vinegar. In fact, the vinegar is from Italy, which just about compensates for the local-ness of the rest of the meal. The mustard was homemade, but who knows where the seeds were grown?

Still, considering the meal was local-by-accident, I thought it was a pretty good show. Guess that proves the point that seasonal foods naturally match each other.


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3 Responses to “La Vida Local”

  1. Dixie Says:

    How do you roast the asparagus? Cuz I usually just steam it in the mic. and it’s not always satisfactory. I would love a new idea. CCB likes the stalks and I like the heads especially, so I sit by her and eat her heads. ; P I am sorry that Florida strawberry season and now we just have California in the stores. Why would I want to eat food that traveled from the other side of the country? Weird. Your meal sounds great. Come visit and taste our bounty too! Better yet, cook a meal for us! We’d love it.

  2. fractone Says:

    Just toss the spears with a little high-heat oil (like safflower), salt and pepper. Lay ’em out in a nice long pan so they are pretty much just one layer and cook them in the oven at 400 degrees. You’ll know they are done when they turn bright green–I think it takes about ten minutes.

    I also have a great recipe for sugared asparagus, courtesy of my “Simply in Season” cookbook.

  3. Dixie Says:

    Will have to try it. Thanks!

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