Mary Didn’t Have a Little Lamb, but I Did

…and it was tasty.

Lambsied Ivy

This was a supper from last week.

Local lamb “spare-ribs” from Dakota Harvest, via the Nebraska Food Coop. Roasted-sugared asparagus from the farmers’ market. The salad consisted of pea shoots and sunflower shoots with fresh chevre (all three from Shadowbrook Farms), dried apricots and homemade vinaigrette.

The only drawback was the presence of fennel seeds in my herb mix (rubbed on the lamb). Apparently, I hate fennel seeds. And their flavor is pervasive.

And, just because it’s so darn cute, here is a photo of my Bean, enjoying the botanical gardens last weekend.

Sophie-bean at Lauritzen Gardens


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One Response to “Mary Didn’t Have a Little Lamb, but I Did”

  1. John Brown Says:

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