Independence Days Challenge

I’ve decided that I have been far too morose lately, and with an improved outlook in mind, I am taking on Sharon Astyk’s Independence Days Challenge. I found this through Crunchy Chicken, which is my favorite blog. The IDC is all about creating “food independence.” So to that end, yesterday I accomplished the following:

  1. I planted two Italian heirloom tomato plants. I received these not just second, but third-hand, so don’t even know what size the tomatoes will be. But I can wait.
  2. I discovered what I think is a patch of wild strawberries in my backyard, hidden amongst the nettles and…other scary weeds.
  3. I unearthed our majoram shoots so they can actually photosynthesize.
  4. I cooked locally grown (and purchased) kale and butternut squash. The squash was actually from FALL 2007–the last of our stock of winter squash. I can’t comment on the flavor of the squash, unfortunately, because I started cooking it so late…it will be supper tonight. But the kale was good.

This in addition to a trip to the gym and a full day cleaning out my office! Yay, productiveness.

Today I am spending with my bean, because I’ve hardly seen her lately. This morning was devoted to Play-Doh (a.k.a. Squishies), Sesame Street and warm tea. Now she is all smiles, and we’re both ready for lunch.


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