Birthday birthday birthday

Here it is, my 31st birthday. Whee! And to celebrate it, my very first post on my very own laptop, which my sweetie gave me today. Now, he says in not-so-many words, we can both write at the same time. And use the internet–yay, wireless connection.

One of my long-term goals was to finish writing a novel before turning 30. Then I turned 30, and my goal changed to finishing one before I STOPPED being 30. Now that deadline has also passed, and there are still no signs of completion.

On the up side, I started writing a new story last month. Semi-autobiographical. Much more fascinating to me than the one I had been writing. That one, while interesting, couldn’t seem to make up its mind about where it was headed.

(Did you know that some people know how their stories are going to end when they START writing them? That somehow seems unsporting to me. Where’s the challenge? How do you learn anything?)

This has been a birthday of contentment, rather than excitement, which is okay with me. There’s simply been too much hubbub around here these days. Sometimes it’s nice just to…be.

And be 31. How could I mind it? Much preferable to the alternative.


One Response to “Birthday birthday birthday”

  1. Dixie Says:

    There is still a lot of time, and a lot of birthdays, to make your dreams come true. Best wishes! Blessings, and lots of luck with the book!

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