The scent of heaven

I wish there existed some way I could record the smell permeating my kitchen right now. It is the most delicate perfume, slightly flowery in an totally non-cloying way. It is mild and mouthwatering and uplifting and…mmm…almost beyond description. It is the smell of plums.

I know. Plums? But trust me. These are not your supermarket-variety red or black plums the size of a ten-year-old’s fist. At the farmer’s market two weeks ago, I purchased about eight pounds of tiny (think baby fist) yellow plums for five dollars. I don’t even know what variety they are. But I can justify my purchase. Point #1: this was a STEAL! Point #2: I had never seen Nebraska-grown plums before. Point #3: I had never seen plums like THESE at all.

Granted, they were underripe–thus the yellow skin. But some were tinged with a lovely blush, and I could tell that once ripe, the plums would be a vibrant red. In this prediction, I have not been disappointed.

Yesterday I ate my first plum. When I took it out of its plastic-bag prison, the smell hit me. Oh. I suffered simultaneous desires to EAT the darn thing and rub it on my neck for perfume. Restraining the latter impulse, I sank my teeth into the tiny, rosy plum. And…ooh! Was it SOUR!

I then spent 2-3 hours peeling and pitting plums to make plum jam, my dad’s favorite (I think). Now I have four cups of gorgeous red-gold pulp that appears to glow from within. Another day or so, and I’ll have jam!

I’ll also have about 2 pounds of leftover plums tormenting me with their alluring and ephemeral scent. What shall I do?


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2 Responses to “The scent of heaven”

  1. YouR SwEeTie Says:

    An aptly poetic description of the state of our kitchen…of course now due to these plums you’re starting to approach George Washington Carver-like levels of determined innovation on how to use the remaining fruit: Simple Syrup With Plum Essence, Egregiously Complex Sugar Plums, Plum Soda, etc…it’ll take another post to cover them all. You’re going to have to explain to the masses where you got the idea for Plum Pit Ice Cream…

    Anyone for a plum party? ;-D

  2. Dixie Says:

    Rocky would love to come, and so would I. We love plums! Plum pit ice cream? I don’t know about that. I am often seduced by the smell of fruit as well.

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