Good junk mail

Today I received a membership renewal letter from KIOS FM (big O public radio). I have to admit that I was expecting it. This is autumn, after all. Fundraising time here in the metro.

My first instinct was to shred the letter. Or hide. Because, alas, well-meaning though I am, I have not paid my 2008 public radio pledge. I have also not fulfilled my pledges to the United Way or Nebraskans for Peace. Why? Because I’m broke, people. Lost my job 19 freaking months ago, and I haven’t had steady work since! Sheesh.

But…I went ahead and opened the letter. And read the following:

“By renewing your membership today, you’ll save KIOS the expense of sending additional renewal letters. Great forests will survive, letter carriers will praise your name, and the money we save will go directly toward airing your favorite programs.”

I am quite certain that Molly Nicklin, Membership Manager for KIOS FM, only had the ovaries to write such a paragraph because she was equally certain no one would read it. But I read it, Molly. I READ IT.

It was hilarious. You deserve a raise, Molly. It was so funny I decided to immediately renew my membership.

Just don’t expect me to send money anytime soon.


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One Response to “Good junk mail”

  1. ashley.marie Says:

    That is pretty darn hilarious.

    I like it. đŸ™‚

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