Puree, puree, puree

In case you happen to be a reader who doesn’t see me every week and therefore know how I spend my time… I have made a lot of jam lately. Well, not just jam. I’ve been cooking copious amounts of fresh fruit. Sometimes making jam, but also making cream pies and other yummy stuff. Types of cooking that involve an inordinate amount of peeling, pitting and pureeing. So much that I actually developed a rash under my wedding ring from the fruit pulp wedged in there.

I know. Gross. And I do wash my hands, thank-you-very-much.

Looking ahead to the burgeoning apple harvest, with apple butter and apple sauce in mind (to say nothing of the tomatoes), I’ve decided I just can’t face it. I’m going to have to buy a food mill.

As my father would say, “Aren’t you broke?” This is a valid point.

But with a food mill, I will be able to process and preserve a LOT more food for the winter. Locally produced food. Seasonal food. Food grown by people I know. Food that actually tastes good, for heaven’s sake.

I know, I know. I’m trying a little too hard to justify myself here. But this is a purchase I’ve been considering for a long time, and I think it is time. Totally aside from the food preservation front, there is the fact that I don’t own a food processor, and one or the other would be useful.

Is this a big deal? There are rare occasions when I swear under my breath, wishing I had registered for a food processor when Michael and I tied the knot. Like when I make pesto or pie crust. But really, how often is that?

Not often. And, admittedly, a food mill wouldn’t be much help on that front. It would, however, be an enormous aid to marinara sauce.

From my perspective (heavily influenced by Alton Brown), the less processed a food is, the better. Which means I don’t like to buy canned tomato sauce. Or diced tomatoes or stewed tomatoes. I usually buy whole canned tomatoes, if I don’t have any jars left of home-canned, and make my own freaking sauce.

But I have a weakness for tomato paste and puree. Why? Because they have no seeds.

I hate tomato seeds. And the skin, come to think of it. When I was a kid, my parents made homemade salsa, and my mom made me peel tomatoes by plunging them into boiling water and then ice water, and… oh, how I hated it. There was always a little skin left, too. It would never come all the way off, and my hands would pulse from the heat.

This is why I want a food mill. I want a piece of machinery that will filter out all the darn seeds and bits of peel SO I DON’T HAVE TO. If it also makes fluffy mashed potatoes, so much the better.

Here is the one I have picked out: the Oxo Good Grips Food Mill. Comes with three screens of varying fineness, little gripper legs … and every part is dishwasher-safe. A food mill after my own heart.


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One Response to “Puree, puree, puree”

  1. Dixie Says:

    Also really great for making baby food if you ever get around to having another… 🙂

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