End hiatus

This was not a deliberate hiatus. I just…I don’t know. Writer’s block, I guess.

Anyway, tomorrow we’re having a PARTY! Not just any party; an IRON CHEF party. Battle Pumpkin!

Iron Chef Party

And, honestly, there’s nothing like a party to snap one out of whatever funk one has become mired in. So what if I’ve spent four mad days cleaning house? So what if we don’t really have the money to buy any ingredients? We already HAVE three enormous pumpkins, and so we shall have conviviality.

Because I am insane, I am going to make Pumpkin Shumai. Have I ever made shumai before? No. Do I have a food processor? No. Do I have a steamer? No. Well, I used to. I think my Winnebago roommates kept it when I moved out. Common sense aside–it just SOUNDS good. Cilantro, shrimp, pork, pumpkin, mustard…mmm. Besides, this is Iron Chef we’re talking about here. If my dish doesn’t have an irrationally Asian flair, how authentic can it possibly be?

My main concern is that one of our guests is vegetarian. I suppose I could make a few with just pumpkin and spices for her, but honestly, that doesn’t sound as good.

My other concern is that I will become as frustrated with shumai wrappers as I did with phyllo dough. My husband has actually forbidden me from touching uncooked phyllo, as my last experience ended with much foul language and airborne objects.

We’ve got a few other pumpkin possibilites in the works, but I want to keep them SECRET, at least until after the party. Although, honestly, it’s been so long since I updated my blog, who’s even checking it these days?

On that depressing note, I’ll go. Will post photos Sunday. Or whenever.


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3 Responses to “End hiatus”

  1. anotheryarn Says:

    Forget the steamer, just roast the pumpkin. I’ve heard you can even do it whole if cutting it is too big of a pain (the cleaver you gave me comes in handy for that – as does the mallet, just becareful).

  2. Holly Says:

    I knew that cleaver would come in handy someday…

  3. Dixie Says:

    Sounds very fun! Half (let’s face it, over half) of my kitchenware is in storage boxes in the garage. Now that I’m contemplating baking for our Compassion Center’s Thanksgiving meal, I find that, yes, I need that grater and the bread maker and another pan, dang it. I love your blog and am glad you’re back at it! It lets me live in your world a little and enjoy!

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