Plums deify (or Heaven-scent, revisited)

Okay, so I wrote this AGES ago and, apparently, just forgot to post it. Or perhaps I wanted to insert a photo. Anyway, here’s text. Photos can come later. When I have a charged camera battery.

I mentioned before (like three months ago) the gorgeous plummy aromas in my kitchen. Now for the fruits (ha!) of my labor:

Plum jam, 2 quarts. It would have been more, but I dropped a pint while trying to take it out of the boiling water with a pair of plastic tongs. Gr. Fortunately, the jar did not shatter, so I only lost about a third of the jam to the floor monsters. The rest we refrigerated and consumed voraciously until it was, sadly, gone. (On the upside, now I have a pair of canning tongs. Are these uni-taskers?)

So. While making the plum jam, I had to remove the plum skins, because they were tough and a bit astringent. I did this by plunging each fruit into boiling water for about a minute, then dropping it into ice water, and finally peeling off the loosened skin. After about thirty fruits met my pan of boiling water, it was no longer just water. It was pink, and it smelled like the luscious plums themselves. Loathe to discard such a fertile muse, I decided to skim the water and make it into a simple syrup. By adding about four cups sugar to the four cups of water I had, then stirring to dissolve…eureka. I had plum-infused simple syrup, perfect for homemade soda pop. Four cups of it, although one has already met its demise in my belly. Excellent in lemon-lime pop, soda water or even plain ol’ tap water.

The remaining 3ish cups of plummy goodness I sugared and dried and dipped in simple syrup and dried and sugared some more until I had…sugarplums. Mm, good. Perhaps I’ll find some use for these and perhaps not. At the very least, they are delicious snacky-type things.

This marks the end of my plumalicious adventures, at least until I charge the camera battery. Then you can see as well as imagine the gorgeousness of my plum products.

Bonus points for anyone who can identify the title reference.


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4 Responses to “Plums deify (or Heaven-scent, revisited)”

  1. Dixie Says:

    AAAA! I have no idea! Where do you think this stuff up? I think my creative juices dried up when I had the, hmmm, 4th child? Maybe not, but it doesn’t run with food very well. My only creative cooking is with soups or one-dish meals. Don’t ask me why, but the less I have to cook with, the better it turns out. The plummy goodness sounds great. Did you share with your bean?

  2. fractone Says:

    Of course I shared with bean. She gets to try everything she’s WILLING to try, which is why she ate truffles in Oregon but still hasn’t tried grapefruit.

    As for where I think this stuff up…isn’t the internet grand?

  3. Dixie Says:

    Indeed the internet is grand. So much info at our fingertips. We call it “consulting the oracle.” BTW, I love, love, loved the sugar plums. The flavor and chewiness were wonderful. My kiddos love grapefruit; they ask for it for snacks like it’s cookies or strawberries. And I say, “O-Kay…I guess you can share one.” 😉

    • fractone Says:

      We call it “asking Mr. Google”, because generally, we do. About everything. All the time. Only two things I haven’t found online: how much oil is in a can of tuna and WHY there is now an up-to-$200 charge per ticket on non-domestic flights.

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