Cloth diapers, part 2

Update on the cloth diaper brouhaha. In response to my previous post, Patricia Urzedowski, of the Nebraska Office of Children’s Services Licensing, wrote:

“Nebraska’s Child Care Licensing Regulations do not address the type of diapers that can be used in licensed child care programs. It is the decision of the child care program and parents that determine whether cloth or disposable diapers are used. Some child care programs have their own policy about using cloth vs. disposable diapers.”

Thank you, Patricia, for letting me know! I love that you went out of your way to pass this information on.

In light of Patricia’s input, I have two new observations:

  1. The people who wrote the regulations do NOT seem ignorant about or prejudiced against cloth diapers. They wisely chose not to regulate what type of diapers child care programs can use, and for that I salute them.
  2. Omaha Child Saving Institute child care staff either misunderstand or misrepresented the Nebraska diaper regulations.

Again, I’ll let you know what I find out.


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