John Quincy Adams

Did you know that we (the United States, that is) have had a president who ran for and held a Congressional seat AFTER his presidency? I did not. Until today.

John Quincy Adams was the sixth president, AND he served in the House of Representatives for the last 17 years of his life.

Why would JQA jump back into politics post-presidency? He is the only president to do so, but the explanation is simple: he had a mission. JQA wanted to abolish slavery. He fought for years to do so. He even served as a pro-bono lawyer for the Africans of Amistad, and with his help, THEY WON.



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2 Responses to “John Quincy Adams”

  1. anotheryarn Says:

    I love all the random little things I learn from you.

  2. Dixie Says:

    A well-rounded and well-read woman. Thanks for the trivia.

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