…is a gorgeous day. I must point this out:

  1. I live in Nebraska.
  2. Today is the 10th of February.
  3. The temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The bean and I went for an hour-long walk wearing light jackets. Unzipped jackets. She even took hers off when she grew hot from running around like a crazy-head. I sat on a playground bench and watched her play in the sun. It was only when we were eating lunch (sitting on our shaded cement front step) that we finally felt a chill.

I feel concurrently spoiled, thankful and frustrated that the days aren’t long enough yet for my sweetie to enjoy the sunshine with us after he gets home from work.


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One Response to “Today!”

  1. Dixie Says:

    How fun. I love how Nebraska has those gorgeous Spring preview days in Feb. We had a nice day too, but did I get to enjoy it? no. Tomorrow, though, I definitely will.

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