Pink gin

So I’m rereading Coming Home, by Rosamunde Pilcher, for the zillionth time. And I come across a reference to pink gin, again, for the zillionth time. And, because the internet is at hand (and because I have a passion for procrastination), I google it.

Pink gin, according to the Wizards of Wikipedia, is “a cocktail made fashionable in the United Kingdom in the mid-19th century, consisting of gin and a dash of ‘pink’ (Angostura bitters).” It was supposed to make bitters more appetizing (just add liquor!), which was desirable because bitters can help allay seasickness.

I can personally attest to the fact that bitters calms the stomach, as a kind bartender once supplied me with a small glass after I had upchucked both clam chowder and hot cocoa. Sweet relief.


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