What IS this?

Any ideas?


I found these symbols on a pizza box, but I have NO IDEA what they mean. Are they printers’ guidelines? Data from the cardboard manufacturer? Could the elephants refer to the amount of water used, or do they perhaps allude to a certain measurement system (like metric)? Do the leaves have anything to do with the number of trees cut down to make the pizza box? Could the footprints refer to its carbon footprint? And why, why, WHY is the exact same thing printed in both red AND black?

These are the mysteries that plague me.


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One Response to “What IS this?”

  1. Dixie Says:

    Well, I have no idea why they would be on a pizza box. That seems totally bizarre. However, it does seem to be printing guidelines. I think the symbols, elephant, footprint, feather (?) probably actually match up to those measurements and represent them for purposes of matching printing plates. (the impression guidelines as it were) Also, when printing, a different plate is used for black and then if you have only one other color, like red, there would be another plate. Usually, if you have a two-color product, there is a guideline on the side in order to match them up. (Is this making sense?) If you want to do a full-color project, there are 4 plates: black, yellow, magenta, and cyan. Then, they are lined up according to the guide and overlapped to create the full color product. Is the pizza box logo just black and red? Maybe you got a box made from the end of the printed cardboard. Seems a bit unprofessional, though.

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