(Restaurants later this week, I promise.)

I think most of the folks who read my blog already know this, but in case you don’t…I’m pregnant. Baby 2 is due in June. Apparently I have been too distracted to share this information as widely as I thought I had.

So here we are, two months out, and completely unprepared. Well, not completely. We have the Bean’s old car seats (in various states of assembly). We have a bassinet (at my parents’ house). We have baby clothes (in boxes in the basement).

But I am feeling increasingly uncomfortable about the level of preparation we have accomplished, especially since I am now having Braxton-Hicks contractions every time I stand up. For the entire time I stand up.

Grocery shopping is a nightmare.

Plus, I have so little energy these days. And, paradoxically, so much to accomplish.

I only have two months to earn as much money as I can, since we will essentially be a one-income family once the baby arrives. I doubt I would be doing much substitute teaching in the summer, anyway, but proofreading is theoretically a year-round occupation.

I also have to get everything situated with my business so that my partners can take over my duties (booking events, bookkeeping, publicity, web designer, customer service) with a minimum of fuss. This is a time when I curse my reluctance to delegate, since now I’m the only one who knows how to work our Quickbooks account and our website. Yay.

Stress is obviously not helping with the contractions.

Despite all of this, I am excited and happy about the little one on the way. It’s fun to play tap-the-belly with my hidden wonder. We have spent hours thinking of baby names (without a resolution in sight–if only Michael would start to like “Seymour”). Even the Bean is excited and adjusting reasonably well to the idea of NOT being the baby anymore.

I guess we’ll see how that holds up. =)


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One Response to “Baby”

  1. Dixie Says:

    Ha! Every time I went to WalMart during the last 2 pregnancies, I would swell up and have Braxton-Hicks every 5 minutes for the hour we were there. It was insane. I know you’ll be more than ready when the time comes. You have a great support system in place. Couldn’t you do the website anyway? Just an idea. I know what a pain it can be, and I also know how tired you will be. The Bean will be a great big sister.

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