Our Best of Omaha

I know; it’s been more than a week. My apologies. Michael and I made up this list, and then I couldn’t find the darn thing.

1. M’s Pub 422 S 11th St. (Old Market) 342-2550

This is one of our personal favorites. Upscale Casual – and open late weeknights. Just don’t try to go weekends without a reservation. Oh, and the ambiance is NOTHING like their website might imply. Very warm and full of conviviality.

2. Wheatfields 1224 S 103rd St. (One Pacific Place) 955-1485 OR 7775 Olson Drive (Papillion) 592-9713

Casual & family dining with a European flair. This is owned and run by Ron Popp of Garden Cafe fame. Gorgeous breads and desserts, fondue, crepes, fried chicken, steak, salmon…I swear, the menu is like a book. Wheatfields catered our wedding, and the food was tremendous. Check out the Little Swiss Hotel Salad.

3. The French Cafe 1017 Howard St. (Old Market) 341-3547

Open for lunch and dinner, plus Sunday brunch. It’s fairly formal, but the food is out of this world. My husband still pines for their “old” French toast.

4. Lithuanian Bakery 7427 Pacific St. 391-3503

You absolutely must have the Napoleon Torte! It’s my husband”s favorite dessert on the planet earth. I almost never eat non-chocolate desserts, but this is an exception. It’s so good that I actually told Michael I loved him after only one slice. Great mushroom soup and pickled vegetables, too!

5. McKenna’s Blues Booze & Barbecue 7425 Pacific St. 393-7427

Best barbecue in town. And the potato salad is pretty wonderful, too.

6. Paxton Chophouse 1403 Farnam St. 341-1222

This is THE best steakhouse in town. The meat is wonderful, but I would go back just to eat the sides. In fact, I loved the sides even more than the steak itself. The restaurant is ultra-formal, but the staff did not blink an eye at the presence of my three-year-old daughter. In fact, they doted on her with cookies and special treats.

7. El Basha 72nd & Pacific 934-6266

Wonderfully fresh Turkish and Mediterranean food, especially good eaten on their sunny patio. Go on Saturdays to see Omaha’s Middle Eastern population turn out.

8. Goldbergs II 50th and Dodge 556-2006

The best burgers in town! Try them with blue cheese and mushrooms. Mm. Ooh, and sweet potato fries with horseradish dip. I love this place.

9. Mark’s Bistro 4916 Underwood Ave. (Dundee) 502-2203

Moderately upscale and quite novel. I love eating on their enormous summer patio–it’s so peaceful and…summery.

10. The Passport 1101 Jackson St (Old Market) 344-3200

I don’t eat here often enough. I always forget that it exists…until I drive by and wish we were headed there. I implore you to try the Conundrum wine.

…and the list goes on. In a more abbreviated format.

Best ice cream – Ted & Wally’s (Old Market & Dundee)

Best patisserie – Delice (Old Market)

Best sushi – Sakura Bana (72nd & Dodge)

Best fast food colossal burger and fries – King Kong’s

Best 4-table Iraqi spot- Ahmad’s Persian Cuisine (Old Market)

Best southern-inspired eats – Dixie Quicks (22nd & Leavenworth)

Best Chinese duck – J.C. Mandarin (843 N. 98th Street)

Best homemade spaghetti – Malara’s (22nd & Pierce)

Best pancakes – “Berry Ricotta Pancakes – Amato’s (60th & Center)

Best Indian dive – Mother India (36th & Leavenworth)

Best pizza – Zio’s

Best pizza crust – La Casa (44th & Leavenworth) Don’t go when you’re in a hurry, though. The service is glacial.


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2 Responses to “Our Best of Omaha”

  1. Dixie Says:

    Oh, man! You made me miss Omaha! I haven’t been to even half these places, but I’m hoping to hit at least a couple while I’m up there this summer. Great job on the post, next time add pics!

  2. fractone Says:

    I took so long with the list that I didn’t want to delay it further with pictures. I will note, however, that eating out in Omaha is about a billion times better than it was when we were kids BECAUSE ALL OMAHA EATERIES (and bars and workplaces and buildings) ARE SMOKE-FREE!

    Thank you, G.A.S.P.

    Anyway, while compiling our long list of favorites, we hit six of the 22 in less than three weeks. Hungry, anyone?

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