Three goal update

Hm. Here it is, day three of my three-day challenge. How have I done?

I finished the Vs in Word Mysteries. Which means I have X, Y and Z…about twenty pages. On the plus side, I’m subbing at my mum’s school tomorrow, so I can finish and return it then.

I (we) washed three loads of laundry. Unfortunately, at least three remain.

I bought another 1 1/4 pounds of rhubarb, after discovering that I didn’t have enough to even third the recipe. Of course, after eating a huge slice of very green rhubarb pie after church, the urgency has gone out of my desire for the cobbler. Perhaps I’ll go stare at the recipe and photos again.


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2 Responses to “Three goal update”

  1. fractone Says:

    Turns out, I did have enough rhubarb to halve the recipe. It calls for six cups, not six pounds. D’oh!

    So now I have enough rhubarb for a full recipe. Hey, is that a problem?

  2. Dixie Says:

    No problem at all! 😉

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