Proud Momma moment

Sunday was Pentecost, and so our interim pastor focused his sermon on the Paraclete, a.k.a. the Holy Spirit. It was a good sermon, but not theologically ground-shaking. I sat and listened while Michael colored with the Bean. I figured they were half-listening, and when you’re talking about a three-year-old, that’s pretty good.

Anyway, about ten minutes before the end of the service, Bean gave me the card she had been working on so diligently. She said it was for me. From the Holy Spirit. And it is, more or less, an accurate drawing of me at our church. Take a look:

Holy Spirit card


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One Response to “Proud Momma moment”

  1. Dixie Says:

    How cute! Looks like you and Holy Spirit are connecting on a level above the church. (The spiral type shapes going above your head and the blue one too.) It’s awesome that she was getting it! I can’t wait to see future art from the Bean.

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