Why I love my husband

He kisses me goodbye every morning, even when I’m still asleep.

He kisses the baby goodbye every morning, even when she’s still asleep.

He brings our older daughter in to kiss me and the baby goodbye in the mornings.

He sings with our baby, carries her outside to look at trees when she’s inconsolable, and grins every time he sees her.

He plays “monster” (a.k.a. tag) with our older daughter…and every other kid at the playground.

He washes the dishes every night, no matter how late it is, because he knows how much I hate to do them and how little either of us want cockroaches in the house.

He backs me up in political discussions.

He recycles.

He takes out the compost.

He eats everything I cook.

He loves to throw parties with silly themes: Iron Chef, Fry Day, Guilty Pleasures, etc.

He encourages me to write.

He puts up with me when I’m being high-strung and hollering at him for stuff that doesn’t really matter and isn’t even his fault.

He won’t hire or let anyone hire undocumented immigrants to move our furniture.

He makes pancakes with our older daughter almost every Saturday morning. He even lets her crack the eggs.

He takes pictures of all the stuff I really want to post pictures of online but am too lazy or self-conscious to photograph myself.

He works a mundane job and doesn’t complain that I stay home.

He dyed his hair blue. And pink, orange, purple…

He only complained about the excess of zucchini three times this summer.

He made this sign for our garden:


He made our baby’s 4-hour hospital appointment feel more like a romantic, silly, long-overdue date than an occasion for worry and heartache.


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2 Responses to “Why I love my husband”

  1. Dixie Says:

    Love it! what a sweetheart. He is a good man, good Daddy, and great husband.

  2. Michael Says:

    Golly…you’re gonna get lots of roses now!

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