Yes Man theology, part 2

I started on this topic yesterday (drawing parallels between the movie Yes Man and living as a Christian), but my post grew long before I finished what I wanted to say. So here is part two.

In Yes Man, Carl’s yeses invariably result in good things happening to him. Even when “bad” things happen first, eventually it works out.

Events happen like this in Christian life, too. Except, to quote Dr. Seuss, “when they don’t. ‘Cause sometimes they won’t.”

God’s choices are not always easy to understand. Sometimes bad things happen to us or our loved ones, and we can’t help but ask God why. If you can’t think of an example, I’ve got a whole long list I’m saving up to ask God about, including:

  1. child molestation
  2. war
  3. nuclear holocaust
  4. non-nuclear holocaust
  5. rape
  6. physical abuse
  7. verbal abuse
  8. murder

…and so on. I have specific people in mind when I list many of these topics, but their stories aren’t relevant here. My point is, being a Christian does not exempt you from suffering.

It would be great if it did, right? We would be living the sweet life. We would be rewarded right away for making good choices…which would lead to even more virtuous actions. Unbelievers would see a clear correlation between Christianity and rewards, so they’d be beating down the doors of every church! No more empty pews! Yes!

Well, it doesn’t work that way. Christianity does have its rewards, but they are complex and difficult to see from the outside. Why? Ask Paul Stanley.

“You really like my limousine;
You like the way the wheels roll.
You like my seven inch leather heels
And goin to all of the shows, but
Do you love me, do you love me?
Do you love me, really love me ?

–from “Do You Love Me?” by Kiss

God wants us to choose his way because we love HIM,  not because we love what he can give us. There may be more to it, but for now, that’s answer enough for me.


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One Response to “Yes Man theology, part 2”

  1. Dixie Says:

    It is sometimes difficult to understand the ways of God. If Joseph’s brothers hadn’t sold him into slavery he wouldn’t have been in jail to end up working for the Pharoah and then save the people from starvation (including those same brothers.) It’s a long story, sometimes we can’t see all the way to the end. That’s why we must love God and do our best to say “YES” and put our trust in Him.
    He really does love us, each one of us. God is LOVE!

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