You know everything will be crazy when…

Your debit card is declined for a $6 donut bill.

Your bank account shows two purchases made at gas stations you have never heard of, in states you have never visited, totalling more than $200.

It’s the day before moving day, and none of your kitchen is packed.

It’s the day before moving day, and none of your bedroom is packed.

It’s the day before moving day, and none of your you have successfully packed only books, kitsch and coffee mugs.

It’s the night before moving day, and your mildly annoying cough of three weeks suddenly escalates into searing chest pain and an inability to breathe. Which leads to a five-hour emergency room visit, an IV, X-rays, a CT scan “to make sure it isn’t a pulmonary embolism”, antibiotics, and a diagnosis of pneumonia. Oh, and an injection of something that makes you unable to nurse your four-month-old daughter for 24 hours.

Which further leads to a trip to the pharmacy for formula, a prescription, a bottle, rice cereal and Pedialyte in case the baby won’t drink formula…and a bedtime of 5:30 a.m.  And you’re due to pick up the moving van at 8:30 a.m.

Wait. Somewhere along there the line between “will be crazy” and “is crazy” blurred. And I didn’t even get to driving to the hospital to pump breastmilk, my father-in-law’s bleeding hands and arms, furniture that wouldn’t fit through doorways or up stairwells…

Thank God for my parents, my in-laws and my friends. We never would have made it into the new place without them.


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4 Responses to “You know everything will be crazy when…”

  1. anotheryarn Says:

    big ((((hugs))))

  2. fractone Says:

    Thanks. Did I mention that the couch is still on its side in our dining room?

  3. Dixie Says:

    But, is your bed in your room now? Sounds like a nightmare!

  4. fractone Says:

    Okay, so NOW the couches are both in place, both upright, both wearing the appropriate cushions. Naomi helped us shove the mattress upstairs (it’s squishy, so it fit). All in all, most of our furniture is where it ought to be. We still have to take the box springs apart in order to get it up to the bedroom, but compared to where we were, that’s small potatoes.

    This afternoon and most of the week will be devoted to clearing out the remaining stuff from the old casa. Stuff like dishes. Q-tips. The missing set of keys to the new place.

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