Good hair

Chris Rock has a new documentary that just came out entitled Good Hair. It’s about the black hair industry, how black hair (in its natural state) is perceived, self-image…and so on. It looks really interesting and, because it is Chris Rock, really funny.

My hair is not a huge part of my self-image, I must admit. I have been known to hack off a foot of hair without blinking an eye. But there are things I’ve always wanted to try with my hair, and Good Hair reminded me of that, because they are traditionally black hairstyles.

When I was in high school, a teen style magazine–either Sassy or Jane–ran a feature on African braids. There were thin ones and thick ones, ones that required additional (synthetic) hair and ones that could be done with what nature gave you. I fell in love with some gorgeous fat spirals. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the braid style. Even more unfortunately, my thick-ish white-girl hair is not enough to sustain these braids.

In college, I tried to acquire dreadlocks  following the steps Alice Walker gives in Anything We Love Can Be Saved. I didn’t brush my hair. I washed it regularly. I twisted handsful of it to help the hair knit together. But at the end of six or seven months, all I had was unbrushed hair. Of course, I may be missing the key ingredient she mentioned: at least one drop of African blood.

I don’t want these hairstyles because I’m trying to become black. That would be silly and pointless besides. I just think they look beautiful on women and men I have seen, and I want to see if they would be beautiful on me, too.


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One Response to “Good hair”

  1. Dixie Says:

    When I was little, I wanted lots of little braids with beads on them. I probably saw that on Sesame Street, because I was pretty sheltered at the time.

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