My week in pictures

Here in Omaha, we have eight days a week.

Eating cake with GrannyNovember 2 was my mum’s birthday. We went out to dinner, then came back here for cake. Unfortunately, I was running on a rather large sleep deficit (having only finished moving at 8 a.m. that morning), so did not have the wherewithal to bake a real birthday cake. Boxed Betty Crocker marble cake stood in for the intended fancy mocha cupcakes.

Wilting JackTuesday I faced up to a jack o’lantern that was getting scarier by the hour.

Oh, no...The first fifth of his head made a delicious soup that fed me for three days…

We discovered that the bathroom rug and full-length mirror are a fantastic playground for the under-five-months set.

smileyThe end of the week found us craving a little excitement (as if unpacking a house with two little kids underfoot isn’t exciting enough!). So we called a few friends over for an evening of pizza and board games.

Mr. Pepperoni Steak au Poivre Pizza

Saturday Sweet Pea experienced the joy that is Missouri Valley…

Bewildered blue eyes

And Tuesday was Crazy Hair Day at the Y:

Cotton Candy Head


One Response to “My week in pictures”

  1. Dixie Says:

    Well, ahem, the kids over here are jealous of all the fun you guys are having. H’s getting so big!!! Cutie. I really can’t believe how much S is starting to look like her Daddy. 😉

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