Hopey news

It has been two weeks since Hope’s surgery, and I still haven’t posted about it. Sorry. In my defense, it is Christmastime, plus we’ve just endured a massive snowstorm.

Anyway. Hope’s surgery went relatively well. The two little bumps are history, as is the cartilage root that was hidden beneath one of them. Her stitches are already out, and her skin is healing wonderfully. She barely even needed the painkillers the surgeon prescribed. So, yay, God!

On the less great front, prior to the surgery, she developed a serious ear infection in her “good” ear, so they couldn’t do the hearing test. So we still don’t know if she has hearing in her right ear. Which was the whole reason for having the general anesthesia in the first place.


She just finished up a course of antibiotics, and on Monday we’ll see if the infection has cleared up. If it has, we’ll reschedule the hearing test, which will mean another half-day at the hospital, more (but milder) general anesthesia, and more medical bills.

And so the carousel flies.

But life is not all hospitals and medical bills (thank God), and neither is my Hopey news. Yesterday Little Miss Bliss sprouted her first tooth! She hasn’t bitten me yet, and my breasts and I are aiming to keep it that way.


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2 Responses to “Hopey news”

  1. Emily Says:

    I was so lucky that my girls sprouted their teeth late. I nursed Evie until 13 months and she only had 1 tooth for the last month of that.

  2. Dixie Says:

    She just needs a little more time for God to complete His healing work in her. She is a blessing and a joy. Hug her 20 times for me.

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