Too much

Because the baby is asleep and I already ate lunch and I am bored and I have not left the house in almost three days and if I do any more laundry I will contemplate suicide…I’m going to write about food now.

I made the best turkey noodle soup last night, and all I put in it was too much.

  • Too much celery (a whole celery heart),
  • too much garlic (two small heads, plus the four cloves I threw in with the chicken spine for stock),
  • too much zucchini (all of the last enormous hunk that had frozen in the back of the refrigerator),
  • too many carrots (four),
  • too many leeks (four),
  • too much turkey (all that was left from Christmas dinner),
  • too  much stock (a gallon, maybe),
  • too much Schimmel seasoning (a couple tablespoons),
  • too much salt (I have no idea),
  • too many noodles (half an enormous bag),
  • and too much coriander (a tablespoon or two).

Altogether, we had roughly a gallon and a half of soup. Too much for two adults and a preschooler to eat, of course. So why is there only one bowl remaining in the fridge?


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One Response to “Too much”

  1. Dixie Says:

    Hmm… sounds familiar. Must have been really good. Nice bread or muffins to go with?

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