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Nyom, nyom, nyom

November 15, 2010

Note: I’m not sure why I didn’t publish when I wrote it, but here it is: only three months after composition.

I’ve been on a baking streak lately. First it was the Bean’s birthday cake:

Then I made chocolate-peanut butter chip cookies, using–alas–the Doubletree Hotel recipe instead of my old Betty Crocker standby that has all the family-approved adjustments written in. They were good, but not great. Which is why we still have a dozen left after two whole weeks–a situation unheard of in our household.

Next I tried a new Smitten Kitchen recipe: Peach Shortbread. Oh, it looked so beautiful in Deb’s photos. And it was tasty, but not what I think of when I think shortbread. A little too close to pie crust in texture. I’d like to try messing around with this recipe to see if I can come up with something more like shortbread, but embedded with some sweet little peach slices as in this recipe.

Tuesday was a dear friend’s birthday, so I made her a single-layer chocolate cake, cutting down the recipe I used for the Bean’s birthday.

Wednesday was the weekly garden Weed-and-Feed potluck, so I made Plum Kuchen. I had a few pints of wild plums from the farmer’s market and a Deborah Madison recipe accompanied by yet another gorgeous photograph. Mine was delicious, even if it wasn’t as pretty as the inspiring picture. I love to cook for garden night, because I can try new recipes without fearing I’ll have to eat a ton of the result. Aside from the Green Tomato Cake (which was HUGE), I have yet to bring home any leftovers.

Yesterday I received a few gallons of pears and apples from my grandparents’ trees. Today I searched for pear recipes online. I found another Smitten recipe: Bittersweet Chocolate and Pear Cake. So I made it for tonight’s dessert, to share with my parents and in-laws. Ooh, yummy.

Up next? Another Deborah Madison recipe: Cornmeal Crepes with Plum Compote (for breakfast, because I still have at least a pint of plums). Then maybe Emeril’s Blue Cheese-stuffed Figs with Lavendar Honey. Or perhaps Fig and Orange Flower Water Custard Tart, also from Deborah Madison. But then what will I make with all of my remaining apples and pears?

Am I in a rut? Is it irrational that I want to bake at least three desserts between now and our trip to New York (only five more days!)? What does it mean that my baking is suddenly using more fruit than chocolate? Will I ever learn to take gorgeous food pictures for my blog?


Kitchen frenzy!!!

September 4, 2008

Yesterday I was home with the Bean, and I decided to catch up a little on my cooking. (Because I obviously haven’t done any of THAT lately.) I hoped that she would want to help, because sometimes she does, but even little sous chefs occasionally want to leave the kitchen. I cooked alone.

After breakfast, I made a quick batch of pesto to freeze. I used 1 packed cup of basil from our community garden plot that I absolutely HAD to pick, since the tomatoes are about to smother my basil tree. Blended together with parmesan, olive oil, gaaarlic, salt and pepper, I had enough pesto to fill 9 of the 12 ice cube molds in my tray.

Then I remembered we were out of bread. So I googled peanut butter bread, and I found a yummy recipe with just a little touch of peanut butter flavor. Into the bread machine it went, so it would be finished for lunch after a trip to the Children’s Museum.

Post-lunch (and museum), while the little one was dormant, I decided to tackle the peaches remaining from last week’s community garden foray. They were fallen peaches, none of them perfect, and I had already made peach conserve (~ 11/2 quarts) and a peach Anarchy cake. But still I had a couple of quarts left over, and the worms and mold were starting to reclaim what I had attempted to salvage. I opted to make another Anarchy cake (who can resist a name like that? and it’s sooo delicious), then trim and freeze the remainder. Later, with cake in the oven and near completion of the trimming portion of my plan, I remembered: Michael wanted to make a peach cream pie. Argh, argh, argh. All this work, and still no peaches for my freezer.

Somewhere in the midst of my peachy daze, I had a moment of clarity regarding the future. We were out of lunch meat, we still needed a dish to bring to the garden potluck (last night), and it was chilly outside. One stroke of brilliance later, a pot of Great Northern beans simmered away on the stove. With it, I eventually made a slapdash but delicious dip. Salad. Snack. I call it…

Deconstructed White Bean Hummus

  1. 1 cup cooked Great Northern beans
  2. 2 cloves garlic, chopped
  3. 1-3 teaspoons sage oil
  4. 3 large basil leaves, cut into chiffonade
  5. 1-3 teaspoons white balsamic vinegar
  6. 1 medium tomato, chopped (optional)
  7. salt and pepper to taste

Put all ingredients into a bowl. Toss to combine. Serve with crackers on which to perch your dip, or with bread to sop up the yummy dressing.

We peeled and pureed the dang peaches at midnight, by the way. Not enough for the pie…yet.

Is anyone surprised that I’m exhausted today?