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Zombie snacks

November 1, 2010

Last weekend was the third annual Omaha Zombie Walk–a fundraiser for the Sienna/Francis House. We took the kiddos up to The Waiting Room and paid $3 per person to be made up as zombies, then joined the horde for a mile-long stagger around downtown Benson. It was awesome.

1217 zombies; more than $3000 raised for charity!

So…what do vegan zombies eat? GRAINS!


In honor of President’s Day

February 16, 2010

I bring you an image from The Scariest Coloring Book In The World:

Monster Presidents

In case you can’t see it, the caption reads: “Spirit of 1776. Unscramble the letters to find out where George Washington’s ghost goes for a Halloween party!” Answer: Grant’s Tomb.

Ha, ha.

BTW, those scary fellows are supposed to be Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and (I think) Ulysses S. Grant. Yikes.

Is this a good time to joke about political demons?

Coming Soon…

November 11, 2009

Though you couldn’t tell from here, I have been silently and sneakily preparing a ton of fun posts. Commencing tomorrow (or later tonight if I can find the photo card reader) will be:

  1. My week in pictures
  2. The scariest coloring book EVAH! (This was supposed to be for Halloween, but time got away from me.)
  3. More hideous cookbooks
  4. Preservation marathon!
  5. Silly parties galore

…as well as the usual ramblings of a madwoman. Hopefully a good time will be had by all. See you soon.


October 25, 2009

Unobtainium is the non-word of the day.

Definition (inferred): an unobtainable substance.

Thanks to Erin at for the reference (see the October 19 post). I laughed for 20 minutes.

Stupidest crime

October 22, 2009

As the Bean would say, it isn’t nice to call someone stupid. But you be the judge.

When the Bean was still in diapers, we lived 45 minutes north of Omaha. Michael worked in Omaha; I worked in Winnebago. We wanted the Bean to wear cloth diapers without us having to wash the dang things, so we signed up with American Diaper Service, which is located in the Big O.

The delivery driver, understandably, did not want to drive 45 minutes north to drop off 60 diapers each week. So we worked out a somewhat awkward plan. Michael would haul the dirty diapers to work once a week, pop his trunk and leave the lid ever-so-slightly ajar. The driver would open the trunk, remove the bag o’ dirty diapers, replace them with clean stock and close the lid.

It worked like a charm until one week, when Michael received a call at work. It was the driver, calling from the parking lot. You forgot to pop your trunk, he said.

Now, Michael had only arrived at work 20 minutes before, and he was sure he had popped the trunk. But perhaps the wind had blown it shut. Who knows? So he made his way out to the parking lot and reopened the trunk to find…nothing.

In the short time he had been at work, someone had discovered the open trunk and stolen the first thing they could grab…which happened to be 30 pounds of urine- and feces-soaked diapers.

I wish I could have seen the thief’s face when he opened the bag.